The Battlefield Tour

Soak up the historic atmosphere...

Fort George, Scotland


We are heading out to Culloden Battlefield where we are taken back to the 16th of April 1746 – to the location of the final confrontation of the Jacobite rising and the burial ground of hundreds of soldiers who fell that day.  Walk round the grave stone markers of the various Clans and visit the centre – where you can experience the battle itself in the impressive surround cinema and of course a pot of tea in the Cafe to warm those fingers and toes!  We continue our historical theme with a visit to the Clava Cairns – the remains of an exceptional 4000 year old cemetery and of course the inspiration for Outlanders fictional site Craigh Na Dun. After Clava we are heading East to the ‘bonny wee toon’ of Nairn.  The beach here is outstanding and well worth a visit.  We are also spoiled for choice with the eateries here.  Grab some lunch in The Sundancer on the beach 0r Cafe One One Two on the brae?  Once we are all fed, watered and walked we are heading west over to Fort George.  Keeping in with the battles and Outlander theme – this impressive 18th century fortress was built in the aftermath of the Jacobite rising.  Take a tour, visit the shop or simply wander round with your camera.  A visit to Fort George isn’t complete without popping in past to see Sheena at The Gun Lodge, Ardersier, which is also steeped in history and even has a resident ghost – Georgina! Tour Length: 7 hours


£50 per hour

*This is a 7-8 hour tour

*Prices do not include entry fees or meals.